The Apers’ 2001 Self Titled release


This is the beginning of the podcasts venturing to honor the few European bands that took me in when I wandered the world, searching for myself and trying to complete my first novel, Weasels In A Box.

The Apers, from Rotterdam, opened up their lives to me and let me stay with them and play a few shows with their band, around the time of the release of this very record.

This podcast is co-hosted by

Ramona Confidential founder: Sara Ramone

Interviews on this podcast include all four band members from the Self Titled Record:

Kevin Aper – Bass & Vocals

Ivo Backbreaker – Drums

Jerry Hormone – Guitars

Marien Nicotine – Guitars and Backing Vocals


Stardumb Records founder:

Stefan Tijs

Thanks also to my assistant editor: Jason Brow