Angry Samoans, Back From Samoa


The Angry Samoans 1982 Release of Back From Samoa

Interviews by band members:

• “Metal Mike” Saunders

• Gregg Turner

• Todd Homer

• Bill Vockeroth

• Jeff Dahl

Biographical pieces written by

Angry Samoans guitarist PJ Galligan recited by Beauregard Marie.

Plus Jughead’s Basement regular: Eric T. Roth

co-edited by Jason Bro

Strange Jason is an alter ego for Jason Brow, who grew up many years and many miles removed from punk and anything interesting. He has since been playing catch-up. He’s the voice behind the Six Foot Plus podcast, a showcase of the creepy side of music, found online at

This particular podcast is dedicated to PJ Galligan who passed away from cancer in may of 2014.